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Discover all the great reasons to find the best coupons and discounts in the Philippines at Mango Avenue!

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Save time and money with the best hand-picked deals.

During a time when many deal sites are saturated with automated or user-submitted coupons that are not vetted for large discounts, are expired, or flat out donโ€™t work, Mango Avenue personally selects and tests every coupon and discounts in their site to not only ensure they are valid but also guaranteed to deliver a 5% (or greater) discount. By hand-picking and testing each deal, Mango Avenue saves shoppers valuable time and money instead of wasting hours online searching for coupons that work.

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ENVOY Booking Assurance

Get peace of mind when you book online with ENVOY Booking Assurance, a FREE reservation confirmation service that confirms your booking directly with the hotel property or car rental location. Previously reserved for international diplomats, an โ€˜envoyโ€™ is a group that pre-announces the guest(s) of honor to the host before they arrive at their final destination. With ENVOY Booking Assurance, experience double-booking confirmation, verified guest information and โ€œday-of-arrivalโ€ hotel room requests (or car rental preferences). [Learn More]

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saving for change

When you save, the Philippines grows.

Did you know that when you shop the best deals on Mango Avenue, youโ€™re helping the Philippines economy to grow? As a “Philippines First” company, one of our primary initiatives is to give back by helping to create a brighter future for the Philippines. This is why $.25 USD of commission for each sale is donated to our US-based micro loan portfolio to empower Filipino entrepreneurs to launch (or sustain) their own business dreams and foster a stronger Philippine economy.

We fund micro loans, get repaid, and fund more loans.

Whether itโ€™s helping a sari-sari vendor in Manila re-stock her shelves, or hairdresser launch a beauty salon in Cebu City, we fund projects that add value to the entrepreneurโ€™s community. And after the recipient pays back the micro loan (typically under 16 months), we immediately roll the returned funds into another project in the Philippines to assist another entrepreneur. This allows the process to be repeated, and more importantly, enables our investment capital into the future of the Philippine grow.

This belief in “Pagkakaisa” lets you know our commitment to serve you in both personal finances and in country. View our micro loan portfolio at www.kiva.org/lender/raysofthesun or email us directly if you have questions.