🌴 September’s Microloan: When You Save Money, a Coconut Farm Grows

For our Kiva microloan project for September 2017, we’re contributing to a coconut farm in Misamis Occidental, Philippines. Fe, a Filipina entrepreneur from Kinuman, Ozamiz City, engages in agricultural farming and vegetable gardening, selling the harvest of coconuts to the community as her main income source.

She is applying for her second microloan Philippines thru the Gata Daku Multi-Purpose Cooperative (GDMPC) which provides access to financial services throughout Misamis Occidental. With the help of a β‚±12,000 business loan, Fe hopes to purchase organic fertilizer and cover other maintenance costs for the next cropping season of her agricultural business, which she hope of a bigger harvest to generate more income.

Source: https://www.kiva.org/lend/1376588

πŸ‘ Don’t forget: Each time you purchase something through the Mango Ave deal site to your favorite online shopping stores — including Zalora Ph, Lazada Ph, Althea Ph and more — we’ll donate $.25 USD for every commissioned sale to our Kiva micro loan Philippines portfolio.

You can view last month’s project, as well as the entire Mango Ave micro loan portfolio at https://www.kiva.org/lender/raysofthesun on the Kiva website. Question? Please email us directly, or send us a direct message on Facebook.

🌏 When You Save Money, Southeast Asia Grows

At Mango Ave, our mission is to provide the knowledge and resources necessary for “the everyday” Southeast Asian consumer to make smarter financial decisions today, for a brighter economic tomorrow by “Helping You Save Each Day”. In parallel, we have an internal initiative dedicated giving back a portion of our profits back to the Southeast Asian community.

Did you know that when you save with the best online shopping Philippines, you’re helping Southeast Asia’s economy to grow? One of our guiding principles is to give back by helping to create a brighter economic future for all individuals in Southeast Asia. We donate $.25 USD of every sale to our US-based micro loan portfolio to empower female entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia to launch (or grow) their business dreams!

“We Fund Microloans, Get Repaid & Fund More Microloans”
– MangoAve.com

Whether it’s helping a sari-sari vendor in Manila re-stock her shelves, or hairdresser in Cebu City launch a beauty salon, we fund projects that add value to the entrepreneur’s community.

And when the recipient pays back the microloan — typically, under 16 months — we roll the re-invest the funds into another project, to assist another entrepreneur. This allows the process to be repeated, and more importantly, enables our investment capital to grow and foster a stronger Southeast Asian economy.

This belief in “Pagkakaisa” (unity, solidarity) shows you Mango Ave’s commitment to serving Southeast Asia in both personal finances and country.

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